Our Creed

I have chosen an occupation that is a perilous one, it will require of me a character composed of certain core values among them are Courage, Obligation and Diligence. I will face dangers that cause me to tremble with fear. I will face struggles that test my strength of self. I will face the temptation of self-satisfaction and complacency. I will succeed only through a genuine belief in these, our core values.

Courage: When faced with danger, I will rely on my courage. My courage is not a roar of bravado or a hollow boast of pride. It is a quiet voice in my heart that says; if I do not succeed in my first attempt I will try again. I will never accept defeat and I will never allow the fear of failure to cause me to hesitate. My courage is the bedrock of my character.

Obligation: When faced with struggles that test my strength, I will remember my obligation, to my Brother or Sister, my craft and my family as well as to myself. When thoughts of giving up are testing my will, I will remind myself that others rely on me. I will endure the pain of my hardships for that is the only way to fulfill my obligation of service to my fellow man. Service to others will make my sacrifice worthwhile.

Diligence: When faced with the temptation to be complacent, I will rely on my diligence, for it will cause me to consider my every action. It will cause me to consider how well I have fulfilled my obligations and to be an honest judge of my courage. It will cause me to constantly seek self-improvement in both my abilities and my character. Diligence will remind me “On the plains of hesitation lie the blackened bones of countless millions who, at the dawn of victory, laid down to rest and resting they died.” In my attempt to live these core values I will face tests of my determination and spirit but I will not fail because my character is my choice.
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